"In 1939, the Nazis began developing a doomsday weapon. The U.S. response was an unprecedented mobilization of resources called the Manhattan Project, resulting in the most devastating weapon ever built. Now we face new and even more insidious threats. Clockwork is this generation's Manhattan Project."
―Lilian to Riley about Clockwork[src]

Clockwork is a program devised by the United States Cyber Command. Being called this generation's Manhattan Project, it revolves around implanting a microchip into the head of a human being, giving them access to information grids and instant Intel. The first subject of Clockwork was Gabriel Vaughn.


In 1998, President Stanwick Finnegan signed executive order 1451, establishing Clockwork.

Known subjectsEdit

  1. Gabriel Vaughn - The first subject of the program, fitted with the first generation chip. He is an agent working for the United States Cyber Command.
  2. Mei Chen - The illegal second subject of the program, fitted with the second generation chip. The chip was stolen by her employers which also kidnapped Shenendoah Cassidy and forced him to implant the chip. She is an enemy of the United States.

Behind the ScenesEdit