Intelligence Season 1
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  Season 1  
Episodes: 13
Original airdate: January 7, 2014 – March 31, 2014
Nielsen rating: 6.84

Season 1 of Intelligence aired from January 7, 2014 to March 31, 2014.


Gabriel Vaughn is a high-tech intelligence operative who is the first of his kind to have a microchip implanted in his brain. Endowed with this technology and ability, he is able to access and detect anything and anyone, but at the expense of taking risks or breaking protocol in order to protect national security, prompting his superior to assign him Secret Service agent Riley Neal to make sure he does not get out of line, or, for that matter, into enemy hands.


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Picture Title Number Season Number Production Code Original Airdate U.S. viewers
Season 1 Episode 1 "Pilot" 1 1 January 7, 2014 16.49
Gabriel and Riley must rescue the kidnapped member of CyberCom who invented the chip implanted in Gabriel's brain before the top-secret technology falls into the wrong hands. Meanwhile, Gabriel takes advantage of his chip to search for his wife who disappeared years ago.
Season 1 Episode 2 "Red X" 2 2 January 13, 2014 6.20
CyberCom investigates a terrorist suicide bombing at a U.S. Marine base and learns a new, chemically undetectable bomb material is being consumed. Meanwhile, Riley is forced to make a drastic decision when she finds Gabriel unable to complete a task.
Season 1 Episode 3 "Mei Chen Returns" 3 3 January 20, 2014 5.77
When Gabriel’s chip is hacked, he’s shocked to learn that Mei Chen is not only alive, but possesses an even more powerful chip than his own.
Season 1 Episode 4 "Secrets of the Secret Service" 4 4 January 27, 2014 6.84
Gabriel and his team are assigned to rescue two freelance journalists captured by the Syrian Armed Forces before they are executed on national television. Meanwhile Riley must work with her ex-boyfriend and the truth about their past is revealed.
Season 1 Episode 5 "The Rescue" 5 5 February 3, 2014 7.55
Gabriel and Riley search for the kidnapped daughter of a senator in Mexico when a Mexican cartel demands he end the sale of U.S. spy satellite in exchange for her safety. Meanwhile, Lillian discovers a connection between the drug cartel and her father.
Season 1 Episode 6 "Patient Zero" 6 6 February 10, 2014 7.12
Gabriel and the CyberCom team head to Texas to help contain an outbreak of a deadly, rapidly spreading virus, but when Gabriel cyber-renders ground zero of the outbreak to isolate who Patient Zero might be, he and the team are shocked to see that the suspect is a criminal believed to have been executed a week earlier.
Season 1 Episode 7 "Size Matters" 7 7 February 17, 2014 5.85
When Gabriel and CyberCom learn microscopic robots are infecting and killing leading artificial intelligence scientists, they must find who’s delivering boxes containing the malicious nanites before Cassidy is the next target.
Season 1 Episode 8 "Delta Force" 8 8 February 24, 2014 5.41
While Gabriel and Riley are in Bolivia protecting a presidential candidate from an assassination, Gabriel is stunned to learn his best friend from Delta Force is the suspect.
Season 1 Episode 9 "Athens" 9 9 March 3, 2014 5.35
When Gabriel’s memory is wiped clean after CyberCom is attacked by an aggressive virus, he believes Jin Cong is the good guy and helps him locate a top-secret document.
Season 1 Episode 10 "Cain and Gabriel" 10 10 March 10, 2014 6.62
Gabriel, Riley and Lillian head to San Francisco when the FBI’s Witness Protection database is hacked and someone is blackmailing witnesses to carry out a terrorist attack. The stakes are even higher for Lillian, as her daughter lives in the city.
Season 1 Episode 11 "The Grey Hat" 11 11 March 17, 2014 5.30
When Gabriel and Riley search for an infamous hacker known to create cyberworms, they learn their suspect could have been set up and a much more sinister group has plans to target a nuclear reactor in California.
Season 1 Episode 12 "The Event Horizon" 12 12 March 24, 2014 4.99
When Gabriel sees himself as the suspected murderer in his crime scene cyber-render, he and Riley must find the mastermind who is framing him. Meanwhile, Lillian is relieved of duty and Tetazoo takes charge with a full-scale manhunt for Gabriel and Riley.
Season 1 Episode 13 "Being Human" 13 13 March 31, 2014 5.55
When Gabriel and Riley learn that sleeper agents are embedded in the U.S. government, they’re shocked when their identities are revealed.

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